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Garage Door Contractor Reviews

Garage Door Contractor Reviews

  • “I had a spring break on one of my garage doors at my house and it was on a Saturday, i called and talked to Eric and he was at my house within a hour , looked at the spring , said he would take care of it , before i knew it he had replaced the spring and adjusted the door , this was a pleasant surprise , he keep his mask on the whole time , took my card , sent me a text , and invoice to my email , i will let this company start doing all my work , at home and at my business. the company should be very proud they have a tech like this representing their company! Thanks!!!!!

    - Lonnie T.
  • “Really happy I called Total Garage Door Solutions; they are quick and good. It took just a couple of days to get two new garage doors and the guys did a great job. I would definitely recommend them.”

    - Terry R, via Google
  • “Eric was great to work with! Quick to call back, quick to show up, and quick to get our garage doors back in working condition!”

    - Lisa S., via Facebook
  • “Very professional company I would highly recommend. Eric was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything perfectly. This exceptional company provides a one-year labor warranty, which is a total plus! You will be happy and have peace of mind going with this wonderful company!”

    - Andrea R., via Google
  • “When I called, I talked directly to Eric, the person that came to my house. Eric was at my house first thing in the morning. After he did an inspection, he called me and let me know of the different routes I could take based on my budget. I had everything repaired on my garage door, he was finished that day. I did not realize how bad the garage door was until now that it’s fixed. Eric then did a follow up call to me to make sure I was pleased with the work. Thank you, Eric!!”

    - Christy M., via Facebook
  • “Great service! Eric had our keypad installed and programmed within 10 minutes. He was super personable and professional. I would highly recommend using Total Garage Door Solutions!”

    - , via Google
  • “This is an amazing company. They were extremely professional and punctual. The complete process was explained, and a warranty was given for the parts and service. I would strongly recommend Total Garage Door Solutions!”

    - Caroletta D., via Google


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