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What To Do If You’re In An Emergency Garage Door Situation

What To Do If You're In An Emergency Garage Door Situation

Imagine yourself rushing to work in the morning, then eventually discovering that your garage door won’t open up. Maybe, you are also in a hurry to close down the garage door after every one has already made their way home, but it won’t do so. These emergency garage door situations can be a cause of distress. You will end up panicking about it, but you will notice that this will not help you at all. It is time for garage door repair, or any of the following things to do in these instances.

Breathe Deeply

Instead of panicking, you must take deep breaths to give you some time to think about what to do in this situation. In line with this, you must not try instituting quick fixes, since these ones may just add up to your problems later on. These large moving objects can weigh about 400 pounds, and dealing with the issue on your own will bring danger too. You would not want the idea of cutting or crushing your hands and fingers, or even being slammed on the face in your attempt to fix the problem. Going the DIY route is easy, but it will definitely not help.

Figure Out the Cause of the Problem

While waiting for the garage door opener repair team to come to the rescue, why not try to look into what causes the problem. This is entirely different from fixing the issue, okay? Common garage door repair problems include broken tension springs, photocell misalignment, off-track door, or dead batteries.

Springs usually work for about seven years before they eventually give up. That depends on how often you use your garage doors, though. The more frequent you use them, the earlier you will encounter issues on springs breaking out of nowhere. When you have spotted that this is the problem, leave your car parked outside until a professional can come to repair it. Note the sound it makes too when you are opening or closing it.

Take This as a Sign to Perform Routine Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial to extend not just the garage door’s longevity, but its quality as well. Part of this process is to lubricate moving parts like rollers, pulleys, hinges, cables, springs, and bearings, among others, every six months. Repair (or replace) any part at the first signs of trouble. Maintenance helps a lot in preventing costly and time-consuming repairs in the future.

It is Important to Call a Professional

When facing emergency garage door situations, you will tend to breakdown trying to do your part in order to repair the problem immediately. As you breathe deeply, you will realize that doing things on your own will not be of help at all. Emergencies need to be attended by experts, and in this case, a team of experts will gladly take on the job, and erase all your worries. They are more than capable to spot and resolve the issue, at a cost that will definitely be lower than when you try doing things on your own.

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