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What If Your Garage Door Clicker Is Stolen

What If Your Garage Door Clicker Was Stolen

If your garage door clicker was stolen, you need to take immediate action. After all, burglars can gain direct access to your house as long as they have your garage door clicker. Not to worry, here are some tips and tricks to keep undesirable visitors out of your home even after your garage door clicker is stolen.

Get Rid of All Your Currently Programmed Clickers

If you have any spare garage door clickers, it’s time to turn off the remote clickers for your garage door. You may keep burglars out of your home by erasing the link between the clicker and the garage door.

Although each device is unique, many models may be unprogrammed by pressing the Smart or Learn button on the garage door motor’s side. Hold that button down for a few seconds. A nearby light may start to flicker, switch off, or turn on as a result of your action. This indicates that the deprogramming was successful.

If you have a backup garage door clicker at home, you can test the second clicker or another previously programmed device to see if all the devices have been unprogrammed from the door. The deprogramming has been successful if none of your gadgets can unlock the door at this time.

Head to the Police Station

Check your house or automobile to make sure nothing else has been taken if you are certain that your garage door clicker has been stolen. List all of the things you’ve lost. When you’ve finished looking, get in touch with the local police and share your experience.

Let them know how your garage door clicker was taken, the last time you saw it, and the date you think the crime took place. Whether you’ve lost more valuable things than just the clicker, get in touch with your insurance provider to see if they’re covered by your house insurance or auto insurance. You can recover the amount for your loss by filing a claim.

Access Your Garage Temporarily

After deprogramming your garage door, you have two options: you either manually open and close the door or reprogram your spare clicker to operate your garage door. While it is possible to manually close and open the garage door, we do not recommend this as most garage doors do not have any manual lock on the inside.

This means that people can still easily enter and exit your garage door. Instead, we recommend reprograming your spare clicker. To accomplish this, adhere to the directions in your garage door opener owner’s handbook, or look for model numbers to do an online search for further details. If the manufacturer cannot be reached or the manual cannot be located online, you may call your neighborhood garage door business to arrange for a skilled technician to come out and reprogramme everything for you.

Purchase a New Clicker

You may take your time and get a new garage door clicker from a reputable garage door business after your spare clicker has been calibrated. Some homeowners opt to live with only one clicker rather than replace their stolen one.

Keep in mind that when you sell your home, you will be required to turn over your garage door clickers. Therefore, it is still recommended to get a new garage door clicker.

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