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The Advantages Of Using A Garage Door Motor

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A garage door motor is a device that opens and closes a garage door, operated by switches attached to a garage wall, as well as handheld remote controls which can be used to operate the doors from a short distance. With a wide range of materials and closure mechanisms to choose from, selecting the garage door and motor best suited for your home is no easy task, which is why you should engage a professional garage door installation service for consultation. Here are the three main advantages of using a garage door motor.

Security and Convenience

Garage door motors enable homeowners to open their garage doors with ease and convenience, as they can operate the controls from within their car when leaving or entering the house. Moreover, garage door motor service providers ensure that the system is highly secure, by offering security code features. Known only to the homeowner, these security codes can be changed anytime and restrict access to outsiders or potential intruders.

Ease of Maintenance and Cost Efficiency

Many garage door styles nowadays are automated and designed for easy maintenance. While you should do a visual inspection of your garage door and motor at least once every six months for faulty parts or wear and tear, most garage doors can last you for decades. This is why you should invest in good quality garage door openers and door panels so that they minimize your need to upgrade them down the line.

Advanced Technology and Energy Use Optimization

Many garage door motors in the market currently are energy efficient. Even though the typical garage door is opened thousands of times a year, each use does not require a lot of electrical energy as the motors are technologically advanced. This makes automatic garage doors an affordable option, and less damaging to the environment.

Some advanced technological features you can look forward to when engaging certain garage opener installation services are smartphone apps that connect to the motor to enable you to control the door’s opening and closure with ease, as well as built-in lights installed in the garage doors for enhanced visibility within your garage.

Features Offered by Garage Door Motor Contractors

Now that we’ve covered some of the reasons you should install a garage door motor, we can look at what type of garage door openers are out there in the market.

  • Belt drive openers: If minimising noise levels is important for your garage door, this is the option for you. Their rubber belts are situated on a cog, which enables for smooth and quiet movement when in use. One downside to take note of is that they are slightly more susceptible to wear and tear.
  • Chain-drive openers: These are one of the most cost-effective options for garage doors. However, they tend to make more noise when operating, as a trade-off.
  • Screw-drive openers: These serve as a more quiet alternative to chain-drive openers. They consist of a long metal rod which is threaded like a screw, and used for lifting the garage door panels. Even though it has fewer parts, this type of openers require slightly more upkeep. Ensure you lubricate them once or twice a month to strengthen their functionality.

With added security, convenience, and more efficient energy use, there’s no reason not to get your garage door motor installed today!

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