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How Much Does It Cost For A Garage Door Replacement?

Garage doors are more than just a decorative addition to your home; they save energy, improve curb appeal, and increase property value. If your garage door has seen happier days, it’s time to replace it to keep your home in good condition. Continue reading to learn more about the costs of garage door replacement.

Average Cost of Garage Door Replacement

The average cost of installing a new garage door in the United States is $1,157. This price varies depending on the region, the number of doors installed, the door materials, the type of door, as well as any customization options you prefer. Labor costs for two people installing the door together average around $300. Only the number of doors affects the amount of labor, not the style of the door. A single garage door costs between $600 and $2,000 on average, depending on whether the doors need to be oversized or tailored to match the house’s exterior.

Factors for Garage Door Replacement Cost Calculations

The cost of garage door installation is determined by several factors, including the removal of existing doors, the conversion of manual to automatic doors, labor costs, additional features, and location. Here are among the most common factors that influence garage door replacement costs.

  • Locks

On certain models of automatic garage door motors, homeowners can choose whether to install a lock. The garage door can only be opened from inside the house when it is locked. This feature can safeguard valuables kept in the garage. Adding a lock typically costs between $100 and $350.

  • Labor

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of labor to install a garage door is $300. Depending on the location and number of installed doors, the cost can range from $200 to $500. Labor costs are determined by the time taken to complete installation, not by the material of the door.

  • Geographic Location

Due to national price differences, your geographic location can influence how much garage door replacement costs. Another consideration is that some areas require reinforcement to prevent garage doors from buckling in strong winds. Specific door materials are not advised for every location, and these materials will be identified by local building codes.

  • Materials and Door Style

The most important price factors are the door style and material. Custom-made doors, wood doors, as well as illuminated window doors are typically more expensive. Because solid wooden doors do not roll at a 90-degree angle, the door style can have an impact on the lift mechanism. A tilt-up garage door is also less expensive to install than a sectional design.

Professional Garage Door Replacement Services by Total Garage Door Solutions

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