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How A Manual Garage Door Opener Differs From Automatic

How A Manual Garage Door Opener Differs From Automatic

Whether it is your first time to invest in a garage door, or you are looking to install a new one, you always have to consider which type of garage door opener will create more advantages for your needs. Your choices include the automatic garage door, and that of the manual garage door opener. You may be tempted to go the more modern way with the ease and comfort that it promises, but before coming up with your final decision, let us see the differences between these two first.

Why Automatic Garage Doors are Usually Preferred by Homeowners?

The launch of automatic versions changed the way people look at options for garage door openers. They promise convenience since you can operate them with a push of a button. That means you do not have to move out of your car just to make the garage door open. This has been the common concept that dictates the choice for homeowners. Despite this, it still pays to know the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Comfort and Ease

Let us emphasize more on this aspect. With manual garage door openers, you still need to step out of the car every time you have to open the garage door. That means that you can be drenched in rain or even feel extremely cold when it is snowing outside. This is something you will not experience with automatic versions.

Safety and Peace of Mind

With guaranteed safety comes peace of mind. Since manual garage door openers require actual effort on your part so that you can use the garage door to your advantage, you always have to exercise caution whenever you have to close or open the structure. Automatic garage doors have the ability to eliminate that hassle and problem. Since you just need to push a button on the remote system, then you don’t have to freak out about possibilities of the door crashing down on somebody or something in the process.

Technological Advancements

Obviously, automatic garage door openers are gifted with more technologies when compared to their manual counterparts. They are fitted with hybrid features, and may include any or all of the following – alarm systems, smartphone controls, and automatic door closing features.

Guaranteed Security

Garage doors are installed to secure one’s property. Manual garage door openers can do that, but if you want greater security for your structure, you can choose to go the automatic route. This one, after all, can be accessed only when you have a remote control.

Looking back into the specifics made above, you will see that one of the problems that you may encounter with automatic garage door openers happens when you forget the physical remote control of the system. It is good to note though that you can also install apps on your phone that will help you with this purpose. Check if such feature is available with your provider.

The Verdict

Automatic garage door openers are definitely better when compared to their manual counterparts. They offer safety, peace of mind, more technologies, improved security, and of course, comfort for their users. That does not mean that manual garage door openers do not work for your purpose, though. If your budget allows you to make an investment, go for the choice that best suits your needs.

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