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Deciding Between Double Or Single Garage Door

Deciding Between Double Or Single Garage Door

You have finally decided to have a garage door installed for your home. However, as you are in the process of making the final decision, you realized that you have options like the double or single garage door. Before you proceed with your plans then, you need to establish the differences between these two, and find out the factors that may impact your choice.

Similarities Between the Two

Both single and double garage doors come with attractive designs. Installations vary depending on specifications like color, or your need for extra large glass windows with the structure. Hardware accents, insulation, and other features come in handy, regardless of your choice. Hurricane-ready doors may also be available for both configurations.

Single Door Requirements

When you install two single doors, you have to consider their width, such that their door openings can accommodate your vehicles. Usually, they have to be about 22 to 24 feet wide to serve that purpose. If a service door is located in front of the garage, you need to add about four feet to this configuration.

Pros and Cons of Single Garage Doors

Single garage doors can be opened one at a time. This will help you conceal some items like your bikes, gym equipment, storage boxes, and even your boat if you have one. This means that you can easily control what passers-by and neighbors can and cannot see behind those doors.

One more thing that makes this type of garage door advantageous is the fact that you can always use the other door as your entry or exit point to and from your home, just in case the other needs servicing. It can also limit wind and cold intrusion.

When it comes to investment, you may spend more on single doors. This requires a higher initial investment because you need two garage door openers if you install two garage doors. The number of torsion tracks and springs double with this type as well.

Double Garage Doors and When They are Practical

Double garage doors may be combined with a single door to create a triple garage. They can also be installed as they are if you need a two-car garage. With this installed, you never have to worry about restrictions with free movement when getting in and out of the garage. It also makes sense to use one if you want to use the garage to store large equipment.  You can easily position your car inside the garage too if you have that wider space. Springs are larger for double doors but door openers do not necessarily require higher horsepower.

Double garage doors are very prominent architectural elements, making them better over single doors. But remember that they create more exposure to outside weather as well. These said, deciding between these two types of garage door configurations will depend on your needs. It is often a personal choice, and as homeowners who may want to save on cost of repair, and installation, you just have to weigh in on their pros and cons.

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