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Debunking 5 Myths About Garage Door Repairs

Debunking 5 Myths About Garage Door Repairs

Have you finally decided that you need garage door repair help? Before you even arrive at your decision though, do you feel like something is holding you back. It could be the myths that pertain to garage door services. We are debunking these myths so that you won’t have to suffer a complete breakdown just because you are kind of skeptical about hiring the team that you want to do the job.

Myth 1: A Garage Door Can Be Easily Fixed

Truth: Just by looking at the garage door, and getting familiar with its components, you would presume that repair is an easy job that you can do on your own. Remember, however, that while the structure looks simple, it is actually a complex system. There are mechanical parts that only trained individuals can address during repair and maintenance. Whether you are looking for commercial services or you want your residential garage door repaired, nothing beats hiring a professional for the job.

Myth 2: Loud Noises are Never a Problem

Truth: Were there instances when you noticed that your garage door is producing some screeching noise? Do you presume that lubricating the bolts will be enough to eliminate this? What if it does not really come from those components? Take note that excessive noise is an indication that something is wrong. It can either be that the motors need replacement or rollers have dried out. Spot the problem easily by enlisting the help of experts in this area.

Myth 3: You Can Turn off Power to Prevent Electric Shock

Truth: Automatic garage doors have electrical components, and with that to your knowing, you will conclude that you can institute the repair on your own, as long as you cut off the power before doing the job. Attempting the repair on your own, whether it is due to malfunctioning electrical components, or any other issue, will entail danger. You might get injured in the process. Note that some parts, like tension springs, can get dislodged and strike you in the process.

Myth 4: Garage Door Maintenance is Not a Must

Truth: When you had your garage doors installed, you found out that they have been designed to last for about three decades. With that in mind, you will think that maintenance will not be needed along the way. The lack of such will shorten the life span promised by the garage door manufacturer. You open and close your garage doors frequently, and that is a cause for wear and tear. Rollers also need to be replaced once every seven years.

Myth 5: You Can Replace Single Springs One at a Time

Truth: Garage doors come with springs, and in time, these may also wear and tear. These parts come with a cost and in your effort to save money, you would want to replace one of these springs at a time. Note that with that, the old spring may not work in sync with the brand new one. This will also affect other components like couplers, carriages, sprockets, and drive gears. That will lead to more expenses later on.

While you might be tempted to repair garage doors on your own, with an effort to save money, you must remember that only experts can perform this job. Do not think of how much it will cost for you to hire them now. Consider future problems you may encounter if you decide to do the repair by yourself.

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