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Rolling Sheet Doors

With the different types of commercial-grade garage doors out there, you might be concerned with the type that goes with your home or commercial establishment perfectly. Once installed, you get to encounter issues about wear and tear, more so when you are using one for commercial reasons, but that does not mean you won’t experience that with residential garage doors. All you need is a team you can trust to service these doors. That’s what we are here for at Total Garage Door Solutions. Whether you are using rolling sheet doors or other types, we are here to help.

Understanding Rolling Sheet Doors

Rolling sheet doors are commonly used in self-storage facilities and mini warehouses. Their main goal is to provide added security, that is why it is important to look into the materials used when constructing one. These are commonly made from galvanized aluminum in 26 by 24-inch sheets. Internal grooves are hemmed together with roll-formed guides forming a continuous sheet. They incorporate innovative design elements and ensure smooth operation at all times.

Benefits of Using Rolling Sheet Doors

Rolling sheet doors are perfect choices for those of you who want to enjoy the benefits that they offer. Here is a list to take note of:

  • Customizable. Rolling sheet doors are visually appealing because you are given the option to customize your choice depending on motor operations, vision panels, windload certifications, and color, among others. This makes them a perfect fit for any application.
  • Minimal Maintenance. Rolling sheet doors are easy to clean. Their compact design protects elements found inside the barrel. They also enclose features that should not be exposed to environmental elements.
  • Cost Efficient. There are interlocking slats in rolling sheet doors. These ones make it easy to repair them, which means you do not need to spend much on it. You can replace affected slats instead of replacing the entire door when they have been damaged.
  • Maximizes Space. The compact design explains that, and translate it to enjoy more room when increasing operational efficiency. With this, you can easily access emergency fire-sprinklers and increase lighting in the room.
  • The interlocking slats contribute to the durability of these doors. They resist dents while also making sure that your building is always protected. They are superior choices if you want to enjoy protection and security for your property.

How Our Team Can Help

While rolling sheet doors are proven durable, and require minimal maintenance, there will always come a time when repairing one is inevitable. This is where Total Garage Door Solutions can help.
We install and repair garage doors to make sure that your property gets the protection that it deserves. We are available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week, with no extra charges for jobs done during evenings and weekends.

Why Choose Rolling Sheet Doors from Total Garage Door Solutions?

We offer the best services in North Carolina, and Total Garage Door Solutions will make sure that your problems are addressed immediately, without sacrificing quality results. Our business is to provide durable and long-lasting solutions for your garage doors, and install rolling sheet doors as well as other different types. We have fully stocked trucks and parts, all of high quality. We provide free estimates too so that you can easily compare our products and services with other service providers out there.

For more information about the rolling sheet doors we offer, feel free to contact us today!