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Glass Garage Doors


There are plenty of things to consider when looking for garage doors for your home or workplace. Many times, aesthetics stand out as an obvious reason to get one. There are also those of you who give regard to functionality. At Total Garage Door Solutions, we believe that it is best to enjoy both. We are able to do that by bringing to you a comprehensive range of choices, glass garage doors included in our list. Get to know this better and learn why we are the best choice for you to enjoy one.

Understanding Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors can be referred to as “full view doors” or “contemporary aluminum and glass garage doors”. They offer the most ideal choice for architectural structures requiring open visibility and bright light. They bring that modern, industrial vibe to the property. They can be used for various purposes like serving as an interior partition, or being the exterior garage door in your place. They can even be used as patio doors that flawlessly merges outdoor and indoor spaces. Other industries that make use of one are car dealerships, service and fire stations, office spaces, and restaurants.

Benefits of Using Glass Garage Doors

Beauty and functionality are the most common reasons for one to use glass garage doors. Add to these, here are other benefits to enjoy once you choose one:

  • Natural Light. Garages often don’t come with enough natural or artificial light. This can somehow make the space darker, thus it will be more difficult to work in your area. With glass garage doors, you no longer have to worry about how to let in more light. You do not need to think much about how the sun’s rays may impact you.
  • Flexible Design Choices. They suit modern homes best, but they are more versatile than expected. They come in a range of patterns, finishes, and colors, thus bringing out the style that you want for your home or workplace. Use them to enhance your mixed-use space.
  • Increases Curb Appeal. These are among the most notable choices if you want your home or business establishment to stand out. They have the “wow” factor in them that easily captures the hearts of passersby.

How Our Team Can Help

Specializing in commercial and residential garage doors, Total Garage Door Solutions is the team you can trust, whether you are looking to service garage doors for your home or workplace. We attend to your concerns immediately. We install, repair, and perform the most excellent garage door services upon your request, and we are available 24 hours a day seven days a week to perform these tasks. We make your glass garage doors increase your place’s curb appeal through these services.

Why Choose Glass Garage Doors from Total Garage Door Solutions?

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Total Garage Door Solutions has been a household name for residents of Apex, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and surrounding Triangle Areas. We are known for offering quick but reliable garage door services, and we have professional and honest technicians working in our team. We also have garage doors, like glass garage doors, to offer. We provide free estimates so that you can compare our costs with those of other service providers. We offer ten-year warranties with our products and services as well.

For more information about the glass garage doors we offer, feel free to contact us today!