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Through our years of experience, we receive many questions about garage doors. Here is a list of FAQs that may help you solve the issue. Speaking with an expert directly is far more beneficial for specific queries and problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your questions, and our service staff will be happy to assist you with expert care. We provide around-the-clock service, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home. For emergencies, please call us at (919) 514-5209.

Why Is the Garage Door Not Responding?

 First, check that the garage door opener is connected to the electrical outlet. Make sure that the electrical outlet has power. The problem may be a mechanical or electrical issue with the garage door opener if it is not a power issue. This will require the diagnosis and service of a professional technician.

Why Is the Garage Door Not Opening or Closing Even When the Opener’s Light Is Lighted Up?

If the light on the garage door opener lights up, it is receiving power. In this case, the problem is most likely in the opener’s electrical or mechanical workings. Before removing the cover of the motor head, unplug the operator. To avoid the risk of electrical shock, engage a skilled technician to do the repairs. However, if your garage door opener is ten years old or more, you should consider replacing it with one that has the most recent safety features.

Why Did the Garage Door Stop Moving Halfway?

One of the garage door cables has likely come loose from the cable drum due to closing on something. This is on the side that is hanging the lowest. The cables may still have spring tension, and it is best not to touch them unless you have the necessary knowledge and tools to repair them. In this case, please call a professional technician for repairs.

Should I Be Worried When There Are Fraying Cables on the Garage Door?

 Regardless of how much the cables are frayed, this problem will only worsen with time. However, suppose the cable is severely frayed, leaving only a few connected strands. In that case, a qualified technician must replace it as soon as possible.

How Do I Know if the Garage Door Spring Is Properly Balanced?

 Release the operator and manually open the door halfway. Let it go and see if the door remains in the same position. It is okay if it stays in the same position with minor drifting. However, if the door drops or opens on its own, engage an experienced technician to work on it. Do not attempt to adjust the springs without the proper training and tools as it may potentially cause serious injuries.

How Do I Release the Door from the Operator to Open It Manually?

 Fully shut the garage door, pull the red release cord down towards the floor, then move it back towards the operator. Always use extreme caution when releasing the garage door opener. In cases where the door is not entirely closed, it may slam shut when released. Do not release the garage door when opened unless in an emergency or for security reasons. Always close it with caution. Some older openers may not come with a red release cord. You can unbolt them by pulling a handle, a spring-loaded clip, or by unbolting the arm from the door and opener.