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Common Garage Door Problems


Common Garage Door Problems

A garage door does a lot of things. It protects your belongings from thieves, protects your room from weather elements, and the exterior enhances your home’s curb appeal and increases its resale value. Garage doors must be working in good condition to perform all these functions. Knowing what to do when a problem occurs or why the system stops working is essential. Simple issues can be straightforward to solve, while other situations require the hands of a qualified professional. Refer to this list of common garage door problems to know what to do when you face them.

Faulty Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is the part of the system that lowers and raises the door. It typically consists of a motor and a drive system. These come in three categories:

  • Chain System: It consists of metal chains with moving gears and tension springs. They are used widely because of their wide availability and low price.
  • Screw System: The screw system uses a steel screw rod to move the trolley. An electric motor rotates the rod that moves the carriage, with the door attached.
  • Belt System: A rubber belt slides the trolley open or close when the door is in use.

The common problems can be due to external wiring or internal circuit problems. Or it can be due to the wear and tear of critical parts within the system. Engage a professional like Total Garage Door Solutions to check the entire system for these issues. With their trucks fully stocked with parts, they may even be able to fix them on the spot for you.

Defective Garage Door Track

 The door track is an integral part of the function of the garage door. Over time, it may bend or break with heavy use. The garage door may stick out and not close properly when that happens. In other cases, the garage door may fall off the track due to a component’s failure. It can wear track rollers and break lift cables. Both can cause the garage door to fall without warning. Sometimes the noisy parts on the track need a slight greasing from time to time to keep them running smoothly. However, if the noise is due to a clog, you should hire a professional to fix the faulty door track before it becomes a bigger problem.

Remote Control and Transmitters Not Working

 A common reason garage door remote controls and transmitters do not work is that they run out of battery. Replacing it will solve the problem in most cases. However, if a new battery does not solve the problem, the fault may lie with something else. When replacing the batteries, check that the battery contacts are clean and dry. Wipe them with a clean towel or cloth, and then replace the battery.

In the case of the transmitter, if both the transmitter and receiver seem to work but are not communicating, they may require reprogramming to pair them.

Build Up of Dirt and Debris

Vehicles and weather conditions will inevitably bring dirt, sand, and mud into the garage. Debris buildup can occur at the corners, causing delayed reactions, or they might even prevent the door from closing. Garage door sensors that become clogged and blocked by foreign objects cause problems in their operation. For these, a simple cleaning can solve the problem.