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Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Garage Door Remote Opener

In the world of garage doors, you will come across different components that are crucial to making the door work perfectly. If there is one thing to include in your garage door installation, that will be no less than the perfect garage door remote opener. While universal remote openers are readily available in the market, nothing beats being able to have the exact remote control that fits perfectly into the structure. Therefore, when finding one, you need to consider the following.

The Size of the Remote Opener

Your choices in here include the mini-size remote opener and the full-size version. Mini-size remote openers are considered more flexible than their full-sized counterparts. This is because they can be easily clipped into your key holder. The full-size option is convenient, but once your car gets stolen and the opener is there, then you can have a big problem.

Manufacturer Information

When you are replacing a garage door remote opener that has been previously installed on your structure, you will need the manufacturer information that is included in the label. Knowing this will make sure that you get the exact same door opener coming from the said manufacturer. You need a replacement that matches the previous one, most especially if yours is an older version that cannot be replaced by a universal remote opener.

Garage Door Remote Buttons

Garage door remote openers differ in terms of the number of remote buttons on them. This is because the number is dependent on the functionalities included. Expect that the lesser the functions needed, the lesser the number of buttons you will find, and vice versa.

When Using a Universal Garage Door Opener

Universal garage door openers are popular choices since they can easily fit into many types of garage doors. Note, however, that older garage door openers may not have the same functionalities as those found in a universal remote opener. In this case, you have to do your own checking in researching regarding the manufacturer label so that you are sure that the replacement pairs and coordinates properly with the older one. You can program universal versions so that they can help control two garage doors. It also offers a feature to turn on and off lights in the garage.

Now, Programming the Garage Door Matters

Once you have chosen the perfect garage door remote opener, it pays to know how you can program it to work accordingly. It is actually a simple process where you should long press remote control buttons. Make sure that you read the manufacturer’s manual for instructions. Once you have done that, you will be sure that the remote will already be able to automatically set the radio frequency.

In the case of universal versions, expect a more complex programming process. You will need to make sure you indicate the garage door opener brand and type, then the radio frequency comes next. If you want one, you must make sure that it comes with a list of instructions too for easier programming.

Why Installing Commercial Overhead Doors Is Essential For Your Business

Many people find garage doors as helpful for their security at home. It protects them from intruders, as well as weather elements. If homeowners have that kind of mindset, business owners must also be headed in that direction. When making the decision to install commercial overhead doors for your business, you will be convinced once you have read the reasons for doing so.


Traditional doors open inwards while overhead doors are lifted up by its door mechanisms. This means more space for you and your business. This helps a lot if you need space for quicker loading and unloading of your items. You can even use that space for parking in case you have a vehicle that can use one. This can be a great way to access business premises with heavy equipment such as tractors, plows, and fork trucks.


These doors are made from extremely durable materials, and they are guaranteed to withstand the test of time, and keep up with the rigors of using them daily. They are built so that they can endure bumps, scrapes, and any form of pollution. Their durability makes them reliable for the many years to come, with little maintenance required.

Added Security

Aside from making your business accessible, commercial overhead doors are also there to provide security to your business premises. They are fitted exactly so that they lock and seal tightly to the structure. You can use the door opener (the automatic version that responds with a push of a button) or simply a key so that no one can easily get into your establishment.


Transitioning from indoor to outdoor spaces is one of the many things you do in your business. This is at least to give your employees a breath of fresh air whenever they need one. Since overhead doors are versatile, you can use them to connect your indoor area to a patio where one can get some sunlight whenever needed.

Insulation Against Cold & Heat

Whether it is cold or warm outside, you can depend on commercial overhead doors to offer the insulation that you need during the season. They are fitted with a blend of metal and foam for that perfect protection against extreme temperatures. They prevent cold air from entering the business or keep heat inside (or vice versa depending on the weather). You will get more stable temperatures that will reduce your electric consumption, and eventually, your electricity bills.

Your Choices

Now that you have seen the reasons to install commercial overhead doors for your business, you just need to take a look at the choices available. There are sectional doors that consist of several panels, and tilt up over the floor. There are also coiling versions that are stronger and more flexible than their sectional counterparts. Do not forget about insulated versions that protect premises from temperature fluctuations, insects, pollutants, and noise.

Now, you are about ready to make an investment. Just make sure you hire a reputable garage door service provider to make sure that you will enjoy the benefits mentioned above, regardless of the type that you will install for your premises.

What To Do If You’re In An Emergency Garage Door Situation

Imagine yourself rushing to work in the morning, then eventually discovering that your garage door won’t open up. Maybe, you are also in a hurry to close down the garage door after every one has already made their way home, but it won’t do so. These emergency garage door situations can be a cause of distress. You will end up panicking about it, but you will notice that this will not help you at all. It is time for garage door repair, or any of the following things to do in these instances.

Breathe Deeply

Instead of panicking, you must take deep breaths to give you some time to think about what to do in this situation. In line with this, you must not try instituting quick fixes, since these ones may just add up to your problems later on. These large moving objects can weigh about 400 pounds, and dealing with the issue on your own will bring danger too. You would not want the idea of cutting or crushing your hands and fingers, or even being slammed on the face in your attempt to fix the problem. Going the DIY route is easy, but it will definitely not help.

Figure Out the Cause of the Problem

While waiting for the garage door opener repair team to come to the rescue, why not try to look into what causes the problem. This is entirely different from fixing the issue, okay? Common garage door repair problems include broken tension springs, photocell misalignment, off-track door, or dead batteries.

Springs usually work for about seven years before they eventually give up. That depends on how often you use your garage doors, though. The more frequent you use them, the earlier you will encounter issues on springs breaking out of nowhere. When you have spotted that this is the problem, leave your car parked outside until a professional can come to repair it. Note the sound it makes too when you are opening or closing it.

Take This as a Sign to Perform Routine Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial to extend not just the garage door’s longevity, but its quality as well. Part of this process is to lubricate moving parts like rollers, pulleys, hinges, cables, springs, and bearings, among others, every six months. Repair (or replace) any part at the first signs of trouble. Maintenance helps a lot in preventing costly and time-consuming repairs in the future.

It is Important to Call a Professional

When facing emergency garage door situations, you will tend to breakdown trying to do your part in order to repair the problem immediately. As you breathe deeply, you will realize that doing things on your own will not be of help at all. Emergencies need to be attended by experts, and in this case, a team of experts will gladly take on the job, and erase all your worries. They are more than capable to spot and resolve the issue, at a cost that will definitely be lower than when you try doing things on your own.

The Benefits Of Installing Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are normally placed overhead according to where they are in your garage. You must have settled for that idea already as you are looking to install a new one in your home. Jackshaft openers or side-mounted openers, also known as wall mounted garage openers, now make the trend. As the name implies, these ones are placed or mounted to the wall, in contrast to the overhead version that you have heard of. They offer a lot of benefits too, and this will help if you make the decision in case you plan of installing one.

It Frees Up a Good Amount of Space

This is quite obvious knowing that it is mounted to the wall instead of overhead. This means you do not have to fret about clearance. That will mean lesser vertical space, and will definitely be better if you have a large vehicle that goes on the parking lot. That also translates to the fact that there is no need to worry about lubricant dripping from your vehicle. There are no rails needed for you to hang the opener.

It Malfunctions Less When Compared to Overhead Garage Door Openers

This is brought about by the fact that there is no belt or chain coming with the installation. This also means that you do not have to worry about that part or even be frantic about the need to maintain it. Ease of maintenance will definitely make you say yes to this garage door opener version. There is no need to lubricate the opener every now and then. That also translates to a quieter experience when operating the system.

It Has Added Security Features

Wall mounted garage door openers come with greater security because there are remote control codes added by their manufacturer to them. There are those that can easily be operated with just an app connected to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Safety reversal systems, like those found in overhead versions, are also present in these openers.

When comparing it to security offered by overhead garage door openers, you will notice that the latter has that red emergency release cord. This is pulled so that it can detach the door from the opener and help homeowners manually lift the door in case of emergencies. That said, however, burglars can do the same thing too – grab the cord and easily enter into the home.

What Else Must You Consider when Choosing Wall Mounted Garage Door Openers?

While we have enumerated the advantages of these garage door openers, you also have to consider some factors that may impact your installation of one. They are best if you have higher garage ceiling heights than your garage doors. It also comes with a torsion spring system. There must also be enough space on the side of your garage doors so that you can install wall-mounted openers. Lastly, you need to put up an outlet, particularly at the garage’s head, near that of the door.

With what you have read, you may now be looking forward to using this type of garage door opener. Do contact the best technicians who can do the installation for you.

How A Manual Garage Door Opener Differs From Automatic

Whether it is your first time to invest in a garage door, or you are looking to install a new one, you always have to consider which type of garage door opener will create more advantages for your needs. Your choices include the automatic garage door, and that of the manual garage door opener. You may be tempted to go the more modern way with the ease and comfort that it promises, but before coming up with your final decision, let us see the differences between these two first.

Why Automatic Garage Doors are Usually Preferred by Homeowners?

The launch of automatic versions changed the way people look at options for garage door openers. They promise convenience since you can operate them with a push of a button. That means you do not have to move out of your car just to make the garage door open. This has been the common concept that dictates the choice for homeowners. Despite this, it still pays to know the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Comfort and Ease

Let us emphasize more on this aspect. With manual garage door openers, you still need to step out of the car every time you have to open the garage door. That means that you can be drenched in rain or even feel extremely cold when it is snowing outside. This is something you will not experience with automatic versions.

Safety and Peace of Mind

With guaranteed safety comes peace of mind. Since manual garage door openers require actual effort on your part so that you can use the garage door to your advantage, you always have to exercise caution whenever you have to close or open the structure. Automatic garage doors have the ability to eliminate that hassle and problem. Since you just need to push a button on the remote system, then you don’t have to freak out about possibilities of the door crashing down on somebody or something in the process.

Technological Advancements

Obviously, automatic garage door openers are gifted with more technologies when compared to their manual counterparts. They are fitted with hybrid features, and may include any or all of the following – alarm systems, smartphone controls, and automatic door closing features.

Guaranteed Security

Garage doors are installed to secure one’s property. Manual garage door openers can do that, but if you want greater security for your structure, you can choose to go the automatic route. This one, after all, can be accessed only when you have a remote control.

Looking back into the specifics made above, you will see that one of the problems that you may encounter with automatic garage door openers happens when you forget the physical remote control of the system. It is good to note though that you can also install apps on your phone that will help you with this purpose. Check if such feature is available with your provider.

The Verdict

Automatic garage door openers are definitely better when compared to their manual counterparts. They offer safety, peace of mind, more technologies, improved security, and of course, comfort for their users. That does not mean that manual garage door openers do not work for your purpose, though. If your budget allows you to make an investment, go for the choice that best suits your needs.

Deciding Between Double Or Single Garage Door

You have finally decided to have a garage door installed for your home. However, as you are in the process of making the final decision, you realized that you have options like the double or single garage door. Before you proceed with your plans then, you need to establish the differences between these two, and find out the factors that may impact your choice.

Similarities Between the Two

Both single and double garage doors come with attractive designs. Installations vary depending on specifications like color, or your need for extra large glass windows with the structure. Hardware accents, insulation, and other features come in handy, regardless of your choice. Hurricane-ready doors may also be available for both configurations.

Single Door Requirements

When you install two single doors, you have to consider their width, such that their door openings can accommodate your vehicles. Usually, they have to be about 22 to 24 feet wide to serve that purpose. If a service door is located in front of the garage, you need to add about four feet to this configuration.

Pros and Cons of Single Garage Doors

Single garage doors can be opened one at a time. This will help you conceal some items like your bikes, gym equipment, storage boxes, and even your boat if you have one. This means that you can easily control what passers-by and neighbors can and cannot see behind those doors.

One more thing that makes this type of garage door advantageous is the fact that you can always use the other door as your entry or exit point to and from your home, just in case the other needs servicing. It can also limit wind and cold intrusion.

When it comes to investment, you may spend more on single doors. This requires a higher initial investment because you need two garage door openers if you install two garage doors. The number of torsion tracks and springs double with this type as well.

Double Garage Doors and When They are Practical

Double garage doors may be combined with a single door to create a triple garage. They can also be installed as they are if you need a two-car garage. With this installed, you never have to worry about restrictions with free movement when getting in and out of the garage. It also makes sense to use one if you want to use the garage to store large equipment.  You can easily position your car inside the garage too if you have that wider space. Springs are larger for double doors but door openers do not necessarily require higher horsepower.

Double garage doors are very prominent architectural elements, making them better over single doors. But remember that they create more exposure to outside weather as well. These said, deciding between these two types of garage door configurations will depend on your needs. It is often a personal choice, and as homeowners who may want to save on cost of repair, and installation, you just have to weigh in on their pros and cons.

Debunking 5 Myths About Garage Door Repairs

Have you finally decided that you need garage door repair help? Before you even arrive at your decision though, do you feel like something is holding you back. It could be the myths that pertain to garage door services. We are debunking these myths so that you won’t have to suffer a complete breakdown just because you are kind of skeptical about hiring the team that you want to do the job.

Myth 1: A Garage Door Can Be Easily Fixed

Truth: Just by looking at the garage door, and getting familiar with its components, you would presume that repair is an easy job that you can do on your own. Remember, however, that while the structure looks simple, it is actually a complex system. There are mechanical parts that only trained individuals can address during repair and maintenance. Whether you are looking for commercial services or you want your residential garage door repaired, nothing beats hiring a professional for the job.

Myth 2: Loud Noises are Never a Problem

Truth: Were there instances when you noticed that your garage door is producing some screeching noise? Do you presume that lubricating the bolts will be enough to eliminate this? What if it does not really come from those components? Take note that excessive noise is an indication that something is wrong. It can either be that the motors need replacement or rollers have dried out. Spot the problem easily by enlisting the help of experts in this area.

Myth 3: You Can Turn off Power to Prevent Electric Shock

Truth: Automatic garage doors have electrical components, and with that to your knowing, you will conclude that you can institute the repair on your own, as long as you cut off the power before doing the job. Attempting the repair on your own, whether it is due to malfunctioning electrical components, or any other issue, will entail danger. You might get injured in the process. Note that some parts, like tension springs, can get dislodged and strike you in the process.

Myth 4: Garage Door Maintenance is Not a Must

Truth: When you had your garage doors installed, you found out that they have been designed to last for about three decades. With that in mind, you will think that maintenance will not be needed along the way. The lack of such will shorten the life span promised by the garage door manufacturer. You open and close your garage doors frequently, and that is a cause for wear and tear. Rollers also need to be replaced once every seven years.

Myth 5: You Can Replace Single Springs One at a Time

Truth: Garage doors come with springs, and in time, these may also wear and tear. These parts come with a cost and in your effort to save money, you would want to replace one of these springs at a time. Note that with that, the old spring may not work in sync with the brand new one. This will also affect other components like couplers, carriages, sprockets, and drive gears. That will lead to more expenses later on.

While you might be tempted to repair garage doors on your own, with an effort to save money, you must remember that only experts can perform this job. Do not think of how much it will cost for you to hire them now. Consider future problems you may encounter if you decide to do the repair by yourself.

A Checklist Of Must-Ask Questions When Choosing A Garage Door Service

Just like when shopping for any type of service, choosing a reputable company matters a lot when you are in the market for a new garage door. Before you even hire a company that will take charge of your garage door installation, you need to inquire about their business. That way, you would better understand if they deserve to be hired for your “project”. The checklist of must-ask questions below will help a lot when you make the final decision for a garage door service.

How Reputable are They?

Just by looking at customers feedbacks on their website (if they have any) will help you answer this question. However, you have to take note that first-hand review is much better than just using their online site as your reference with regards to reputability. Do your research by looking into possible forums for garage door services. Check if there are any complaints, and if the problem was resolved immediately.

In like manner, you can also base your judgement on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. This is usually based not just on information about the business, but customer complaints, as well. The higher their BBB rating, the better they are in terms of trustworthiness.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

Some companies may get good ratings when they start their business. In the long run, this can change, depending on how they take care of the needs of their clients. Remember that trying a new business will be risky, since there is no guarantee that they can perform their job very well in the years to come.

Garage doors are complex systems, and expertise as well as experience is required if you want to make sure that yours will be properly installed, repaired, and maintained. The company must at least be around for about five years to get a good gauge of how well they will perform what you request them to do for you.

What is Included in their Warranty?

Warranties come with garage doors and their components so that you, as a client, can gain protection against structural failures, deterioration, and defects. This does not necessarily mean that installation is covered by the warranty as well. Make sure that your chosen provider also has warranty for labor. This is their way of saying that they are best at what they do.

Does the Company Have Its Insurance?

The company’s insurance will most likely cover any untoward incident that comes with the garage door installation or repair. This is also a way for you to not worry just in case the technician gets injured while servicing your garage doors. You need to ask the company about their insurance certificate. Otherwise, you should search elsewhere until you find one with insurance.

Go back to this checklist every time you need a garage door service. That way, you can be sure that you are hiring the best company to do the job. Once you have seen the best partner for this project, you will also be ready to share your experience with others needing help with this matter in the future.

6 Signs You Should Contact An Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

Routine maintenance, just like for every element of the home, is a must when you have garage doors. This is for the fact that these structures may require serious fixes for certain issues. It is sometimes confusing to know whether you need emergency garage door repair service or you are just experiencing a minor issue. Listed below are the signs for emergency situations, dictating the need to call professionals for garage door repair.

#1 – Reversal System Is Not Working

Safety sensors are a must for all garage doors. These sensors come with what is called a photo-eye that is capable of creating an invisible line that can help detect whether or not something is on the way at the bottom of your garage. The reversal system helps in order to reverse the direction of the garage door and keep it from closing all the way through. It is either the photo-eyes have detected debris or dirt. When you cannot diagnose the real problem, you will need expert help.

#2- Cracked Rollers

These garage door elements, as the name implies, help so that the door rolls up and down flawlessly. When these ones chip or crack due to wear and tear, garage door technicians will inspect them, then repair or replace them depending on the severity of the case.

#3 – Broken Springs and Cables

This is one of the most common issues you will encounter with garage doors. Like rollers, they can break due to wear and tear. Once you spot this problem, you need to call for help the soonest because when you don’t, the tendency is you won’t be able to lower or raise your garage door. The worst-case scenario is that it can slam shut on something or someone, which may lead to severe damage on your property and injury or death to a person. Never attempt to open the garage door manually if you spot this issue.

#4 – Broken Panels

Door panels often break due to accidents. Regardless if you have your garage door installed by experts or not, this cannot be avoided. A swinging ball from a baseball bat, strong winds, or the vehicle itself may be the major issue in her. When you notice that there is a broken panel on your garage door, you must call door technicians for help. If you don’t, then there is a chance you won’t be able to open the garage door until it is actually fixed.

#5 – Unbalanced Garage Door

This problem can cause other components to break down, thus leading to more serious problems. This can also be a reason why your door closes unexpectedly. This can lead to serious injuries and damage. Open it halfway manually and if it does not stay in place, chances are the springs are unbalanced.

#6 – You Don’t Know What the Real Issue Is

You are not an expert. Accept that it will be difficult for you to diagnose the real problem just by looking on your garage door and comparing it to how it works now and in the past. As long as you know there is an issue, it is always best to call garage door experts for help.

5 Best Garage Door Styles For Your Home

When you pass by a home, the first thing you will notice is its garage door. It can occupy a third of the entire front facade, and with aesthetics being considered in choosing one, you will definitely be left in awe seeing the different styles in your neighborhood. Taking this perspective into account when you are looking for garage door styles to suit your home, of course, you also want to impress passersby. It is either you want to replace an old structure out there, or you are building a new one – it does not matter. As long as you consider the following options, you will easily catch the attention of your neighbors.

#1 – Carriage Style

This style is considered popular among different house designs. What is good about it is that it replicates doors that you see in front of those traditional carriage houses. Blending them in contemporary homes brings out its stylishness and versatility. As opposed to traditional versions that usually swing from the center to open, the more modern versions use automatic openers but retain the old yet charming vibe of its older counterparts.

#2 – Contemporary Style

Contemporary style garage doors are considered the most flexible solutions for those with varying house styles. It can be featured anywhere from modern house designs that have high-tech materials in them to those with clean lines on every surface. Along this line, doors with either clear or tinted or frosted tempered glass panels inside aluminum frames are popular choices.

#3 – Slab Doors

Slab doors are actually contemporary style garage doors. These ones are made such that the door easily folds up and becomes a single panel. They are different from those doors with three or four separate horizontal panels, and they do not bend on hinges while the door is raised. This one uses a specialized automatic opener for easier opening and closing of the structure.

#4 – Raised Panel

This is a common style that even became a standard for people looking forward to garage door installation. Traditional options were those that feature floating panels that easily fit inside the so-called rail-and-style frame. The more modern versions, on the other hand, use solid door panels made of fiberglass, and are manufactured by molding the material such that it will look like classic styles. Aside from fiberglass, however, other materials being used for this garage door style are steel, aluminum, and wood.

#5 – Traditional Style

Traditional styling offers a variety of garage door styles to suit the needs of every house design that is associated with the classic. Whether your home is of European inspiration, or more of American influenced, you can see an option from this list. You can have the door customized accordingly, and you can choose colors that will be perfect for your home. Most doors of this style are now given a roll-up mechanism so that hinged panels can easily bend at the seams while they are rolling up on overhead tracks.

Now that you have seen the different options that you have for your garage doors, it is easier to picture which one will suit your home. Hire garage door specialists to do the job for you!