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Your Top 5 Questions About Garage Door Openers Answered

Garage door openers were first made in the 1920s, but the keypad made them more popular after World War II. With the rise and growth of suburbs, the market for garage doors and garage door openers grew even more. A garage door opener is the motorized tool that lets you open and close your garage door. Most openers are turned on and off by a wall switch or a remote button.

Here are the top 5 questions you might have in mind about garage door openers, along with expert answers.

What are the Different Types of Garage Door Openers?

Chain drive and belt drive are the two main types of garage door openers available in the US. The former is considered a premium option, are more expensive, and they usually have a chain and a metal wire. Belt drive garage door openers use a metal-reinforced belt made of rubber. Because of its quiet nature, it works best in homes where the bedroom or living room is close to the garage.

Is There A Universal Motor that Fits All?

No. In the US, most garages have either a 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower motor. If a garage door is properly balanced, the amount of force needed to lift it shouldn’t be very much. For a good balance, you’ll need to lift about eight to ten pounds.

Can I Buy Garage Door Openers from Hardware Shops?

Hardware shops that sell tools, equipment, and big boxes might have garage door openers. Even though this might seem helpful, it’s much better to talk to a professional garage door installer. They can look at the space and recommend the best door opener based on your custom requirements.

Can I Install Garage Door Openers Myself?

If you are equipped with the right tools and equipment needed for garage door installation, you can certainly do so on your own. If you plan to DIY install the opener, remember it is not an easy task at all!

It would be better to hire a professional to help you place the opener. They usually know how to install a wide range of garage doors and door openers in residential and commercial settings. Why waste time, and energy, and maybe get disappointed when you can just call a pro?

Are Garage Doors Vulnerable to Intrusions?

This popular question shows how important homeowners think safety and security are. You want to ensure that no one can get into your garage when you are away or sleeping.

You can be sure that your garage door is always safe in more than one way. Many types of modern garage door openers have an on/off switch that can keep the door from being opened by remote control. This can make it harder for any sort of intrusion to hack your door with a device that tries to guess the code.

Unplugging the opener when you leave for a longer period is a simple way to keep your garage safe while you are away.

Why Hiring A Certified Garage Door Technician Is Important

The garage door is the largest entryway into your home and contributes to the curb appeal of your property. To withstand severe weather and preserve your home’s opulent appearance, you’ll have to keep it in excellent condition. Get expert assistance to help extend the life of your garage door rather than attempting to fix it yourself. Find out why you must hire a certified garage door technician for your overhead door by reading on.

Who’s In Your Garage?

Three factors come to mind when hiring a garage door solutions provider: trust, experience, and professionalism. Skilled garage door specialists possess all three of these characteristics and more. Certified garage door technicians undergo rigorous training and are knowledgeable in modern installation and maintenance techniques. When a certified technician visits your house, you are assured of the best quality and service. Pioneers in the industry provide customers with an extraordinary level of service, value, assurance, and trust.

Peace of Mind

Professionals recognize the value of thoroughness and peace of mind. They are appointed after relevant background checks and drug tests, in addition to being certified and having received the necessary training. They provide clients with value, comfort, and peace of mind. Only the best technicians are sent by garage door solution providers to install or fix the garage system.


Customers expect a business with integrity and a good reputation when it comes to trust. Because of this, professional technicians prioritize clients. Customer feedback is important to them, so they establish only top-notch work and hire qualified technicians who will convey the same values of integrity, diligence, and accuracy to customers.


Years of expertise in garage door repair, installation, and maintenance are available from certified technicians. They give you advice on how to best personalize your garage door choices so that your house and possessions are even safer. For increased customer satisfaction, they provide the most cutting-edge garage door systems available and will take you through all of their incredible features.

It’s important to keep your skills current and up-to-date in addition to being certified. In order to remain up to date with garage door trends, smartphone applications, and other topics, certified garage door technicians attend periodic training.

Time Savings

If you want to fix your own garage door, it takes time to learn the right way to do it. That means your door won’t be fixed as quickly and you’ll have to spend more of your free time learning how to fix it. You don’t have to waste your free time trying to fix it yourself. Instead, you can hire a professional garage door expert to do it. A qualified overhead garage door expert can quickly figure out what’s wrong and fix it. You can get your door fixed more quickly and worry less about it.


It matters who is in your garage, safeguarding your family, valuables, and house. An efficient garage door system is more than just a requirement for your home. It’s a financial commitment to the security of everything you value. Hire only experienced providers to help you maintain what’s important. A certified garage door technician provides a complete range of services to satisfy all of your garage door requirements, always keeping safety, excellence, and quality in mind.

Why Having A New Garage Door Can Save You Money

A new garage door is an investment because it not only improves the appearance of your home, but also has a number of long-term financial benefits. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward roller door or a side-hinged garage door, you can benefit from saving money in the numerous ways discussed in this post.

Reduced Heat Loss

Why add to the expense of heating your home by using an outdated, worn-out, or broken garage door? A garage can lower the property’s overall temperature if it is connected to your home. However, you can stop more heat from escaping with a new, insulated garage door—thanks to the thermal characteristics of the high-quality materials used. Garage door installation, when done properly, minimises gaps that cause draughts, thereby enabling you to keep more cold air out. All of this points towards reduced energy costs!

Theft Prevention

There are many essential items that are often kept in garages. It could be your tools, camping gear, or just some items in boxes that you don’t have space for at home. Whatever you store in there will cost money to replace if burglars break in.

Brand new garage doors are equipped with advanced locking mechanisms. When it comes to locks and related technologies, what was once regarded as secure has become obsolete. Additionally, thieves are more likely to be deterred by newer, stronger materials as opposed to older, dented ones with already weakened structural integrity. A bonus of using a new garage door is a cut in your insurance premium, as many providers offer good deals for a safe and secure parking facility compared to open streetside parking.

Low Maintenance Costs

Having trouble with an uneven up-and-over door? Or do you have trouble locating the cause of the grating and squeaking noise you hear every time you enter the garage? Repairing and maintaining old garage doors is expensive, and the cost only rises with time.

You won’t have to think about any of the ongoing maintenance issues you previously battled with if you invest in a new garage door. Enjoy a smooth, properly working garage door for many years by ceasing your frequent trips to the hardware store.

Efficient Automation

If you appreciate having a new automated garage door, there are numerous ways to save your hard-earned money in the long-term. The operation of a new electric garage door will be smoother, resulting in fewer errors and problems, and because they are more energy-efficient than ever, your expenses should eventually go down. Even though it may only amount to a smaller monthly savings, when added to the savings we’ve already mentioned, it will add up over time.

A new garage door can save you money directly and indirectly. If you have an outdated, less secure, and difficult to maintain garage door, it is time that you narrow your options to some of the most modern garage doors available on the market. It not only provides monetary savings but also adds to the aesthetics of your home and creates a safe, secure, and welcoming environment.

How To Prepare For Garage Door Repair

We don’t think much about garage doors until one day they stop working and we’re late for work. This doesn’t usually happen all at once, and a number of typical garage door problems could be to blame. When garage doors are about to break, they let you know months in advance by opening slowly or grinding to a stop in the middle of opening, only to strangely start up again.

In most cases, garage door repair is a better option than getting a new one. You can fix the garage door’s tracks, extension springs, and pulley wires on your own, but it’s always a good idea to hire a pro to make sure the job is done right.

You might wonder if there is anything you should do before a garage door technician comes to your house. Even though a garage door solutions provider will come fully equipped, there are a few small things you can prepare in advance to make the job easier for both parties.

Clear Your Driveway

Technicians can park as close to your garage as possible if you move your car out of your driveway. This not only makes it easier to move big tools and doors, but it also makes it safer because they don’t have to carry all that heavy equipment and tools very far.

Clean Garage Interior and Exterior

You don’t have to get rid of everything in your garage or even clean it up. Since not everyone uses their garage for the same thing, technicians are used to working in different situations. But when they get there, toys, gardening tools, and old car parts falling out of the door might make it hard for them to move around.

Taking the time to clear out a good amount of space by the doorway and remove any things that are in the way outside of your garage, like hanging baskets. This will help the technicians get the job done faster and get out of your way without accidentally damaging your things.

Don’t DIY Dismantle Your Old Garage Door

Even though you might think you’re trying to get the job done faster, you’re really just putting yourself in danger. Experts are skilled, have many years of experience, and have been trained in safety to fix and remove garage doors. If you don’t know how to do it, you might hurt yourself or someone else when you try to take apart your garage door.

It’s annoying when your garage door breaks down when you don’t want it to. Garage door repair and reuse is always the best and most environmentally responsible things to do. But if your garage door can’t be fixed, you can find replacement garage doors. Get in touch with a garage door expert when you need to fix or replace your garage door. Look for help, get free estimates of costs, and check customer reviews before you hire one. More importantly, prepare your premises for the technician to have a hassle-free professional repair in no time!

6 Reasons To Consider A Roll Up Garage Door Opener

You have a lot of choices when it comes to garage doors. There are sectional doors, roll-up doors, doors that slide to the side, side hinged doors, tilt-up canopy doors, and tilt-up flexible doors. The type you choose will depend a lot on how you plan to use your garage door and where it will be installed. Most domestic doors are either sectional, side-hinged, or tilt-up, and any of these will usually do. If your garage door will be used in a commercial setup, such as a store, or in a place where safety is very important, you should probably go with a rollup garage door. Let’s check out 6 reasons to consider a roll up garage door opener.

Room for Storage

A roll up garage door opener is beneficial, not just because it is durable. When they are open, roll up garage doors take up a lot less room than any other type of garage door. Most other doors cover the whole room and are a few feet below and aligned with the ceiling. This leaves you with less room to store things and fewer ways to light the interior.

Improved Safety

All of the parts of a roll-up garage door opener are enclosed, including the springs. This makes them less likely to break when hit by a moving car. With a roll-up garage door, you can reduce the chance of damage to the door and cars, and more importantly, you can make the area around the door safer for people.

Insulation Properties

Most of the time, roll-up garage doors and openers are sealed. They are made of a mix of metal and foam and have sealed edges. By separating places with different temperatures, these design features help the door save money on energy costs. The door’s insulation also acts as a good sound barrier between two rooms that are next to each other.

Low Overall Cost

Even though roll up doors and openers are more expensive than other options, they cover the overall costs in the long run because they last longer and are safer. Their strong construction also makes them less likely to be broken into, which saves money and offers peace of mind.

Flexible and Accessible

The aluminum grille roll up is a type of roll-up garage door that offers greater flexibility in terms of access. This choice is great for stores where you want people to be able to see what you have for sale, but you also want to keep your inventory from being stolen. Most of the time, they are used in mall shops and storefronts on the street where only a sheet of glass stands between goods and possible thieves.


Roll up doors look more mechanical than sectional or flip-up garage doors. In fact, if you drive through most neighborhoods, you probably won’t see many garages with roll-up doors. However, there are times when you might see a roll-up door in a residential setting.

If your business or store needs a high level of protection or if you open and close the door a lot, you probably need a roll-up style garage door. If you are looking to add storage space to your garage, and to enhance garage safety and security, roll up garage door openers are a perfect fit.

Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Garage Door Remote Opener

In the world of garage doors, you will come across different components that are crucial to making the door work perfectly. If there is one thing to include in your garage door installation, that will be no less than the perfect garage door remote opener. While universal remote openers are readily available in the market, nothing beats being able to have the exact remote control that fits perfectly into the structure. Therefore, when finding one, you need to consider the following.

The Size of the Remote Opener

Your choices in here include the mini-size remote opener and the full-size version. Mini-size remote openers are considered more flexible than their full-sized counterparts. This is because they can be easily clipped into your key holder. The full-size option is convenient, but once your car gets stolen and the opener is there, then you can have a big problem.

Manufacturer Information

When you are replacing a garage door remote opener that has been previously installed on your structure, you will need the manufacturer information that is included in the label. Knowing this will make sure that you get the exact same door opener coming from the said manufacturer. You need a replacement that matches the previous one, most especially if yours is an older version that cannot be replaced by a universal remote opener.

Garage Door Remote Buttons

Garage door remote openers differ in terms of the number of remote buttons on them. This is because the number is dependent on the functionalities included. Expect that the lesser the functions needed, the lesser the number of buttons you will find, and vice versa.

When Using a Universal Garage Door Opener

Universal garage door openers are popular choices since they can easily fit into many types of garage doors. Note, however, that older garage door openers may not have the same functionalities as those found in a universal remote opener. In this case, you have to do your own checking in researching regarding the manufacturer label so that you are sure that the replacement pairs and coordinates properly with the older one. You can program universal versions so that they can help control two garage doors. It also offers a feature to turn on and off lights in the garage.

Now, Programming the Garage Door Matters

Once you have chosen the perfect garage door remote opener, it pays to know how you can program it to work accordingly. It is actually a simple process where you should long press remote control buttons. Make sure that you read the manufacturer’s manual for instructions. Once you have done that, you will be sure that the remote will already be able to automatically set the radio frequency.

In the case of universal versions, expect a more complex programming process. You will need to make sure you indicate the garage door opener brand and type, then the radio frequency comes next. If you want one, you must make sure that it comes with a list of instructions too for easier programming.

Why Installing Commercial Overhead Doors Is Essential For Your Business

Many people find garage doors as helpful for their security at home. It protects them from intruders, as well as weather elements. If homeowners have that kind of mindset, business owners must also be headed in that direction. When making the decision to install commercial overhead doors for your business, you will be convinced once you have read the reasons for doing so.


Traditional doors open inwards while overhead doors are lifted up by its door mechanisms. This means more space for you and your business. This helps a lot if you need space for quicker loading and unloading of your items. You can even use that space for parking in case you have a vehicle that can use one. This can be a great way to access business premises with heavy equipment such as tractors, plows, and fork trucks.


These doors are made from extremely durable materials, and they are guaranteed to withstand the test of time, and keep up with the rigors of using them daily. They are built so that they can endure bumps, scrapes, and any form of pollution. Their durability makes them reliable for the many years to come, with little maintenance required.

Added Security

Aside from making your business accessible, commercial overhead doors are also there to provide security to your business premises. They are fitted exactly so that they lock and seal tightly to the structure. You can use the door opener (the automatic version that responds with a push of a button) or simply a key so that no one can easily get into your establishment.


Transitioning from indoor to outdoor spaces is one of the many things you do in your business. This is at least to give your employees a breath of fresh air whenever they need one. Since overhead doors are versatile, you can use them to connect your indoor area to a patio where one can get some sunlight whenever needed.

Insulation Against Cold & Heat

Whether it is cold or warm outside, you can depend on commercial overhead doors to offer the insulation that you need during the season. They are fitted with a blend of metal and foam for that perfect protection against extreme temperatures. They prevent cold air from entering the business or keep heat inside (or vice versa depending on the weather). You will get more stable temperatures that will reduce your electric consumption, and eventually, your electricity bills.

Your Choices

Now that you have seen the reasons to install commercial overhead doors for your business, you just need to take a look at the choices available. There are sectional doors that consist of several panels, and tilt up over the floor. There are also coiling versions that are stronger and more flexible than their sectional counterparts. Do not forget about insulated versions that protect premises from temperature fluctuations, insects, pollutants, and noise.

Now, you are about ready to make an investment. Just make sure you hire a reputable garage door service provider to make sure that you will enjoy the benefits mentioned above, regardless of the type that you will install for your premises.

What To Do If You’re In An Emergency Garage Door Situation

Imagine yourself rushing to work in the morning, then eventually discovering that your garage door won’t open up. Maybe, you are also in a hurry to close down the garage door after every one has already made their way home, but it won’t do so. These emergency garage door situations can be a cause of distress. You will end up panicking about it, but you will notice that this will not help you at all. It is time for garage door repair, or any of the following things to do in these instances.

Breathe Deeply

Instead of panicking, you must take deep breaths to give you some time to think about what to do in this situation. In line with this, you must not try instituting quick fixes, since these ones may just add up to your problems later on. These large moving objects can weigh about 400 pounds, and dealing with the issue on your own will bring danger too. You would not want the idea of cutting or crushing your hands and fingers, or even being slammed on the face in your attempt to fix the problem. Going the DIY route is easy, but it will definitely not help.

Figure Out the Cause of the Problem

While waiting for the garage door opener repair team to come to the rescue, why not try to look into what causes the problem. This is entirely different from fixing the issue, okay? Common garage door repair problems include broken tension springs, photocell misalignment, off-track door, or dead batteries.

Springs usually work for about seven years before they eventually give up. That depends on how often you use your garage doors, though. The more frequent you use them, the earlier you will encounter issues on springs breaking out of nowhere. When you have spotted that this is the problem, leave your car parked outside until a professional can come to repair it. Note the sound it makes too when you are opening or closing it.

Take This as a Sign to Perform Routine Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial to extend not just the garage door’s longevity, but its quality as well. Part of this process is to lubricate moving parts like rollers, pulleys, hinges, cables, springs, and bearings, among others, every six months. Repair (or replace) any part at the first signs of trouble. Maintenance helps a lot in preventing costly and time-consuming repairs in the future.

It is Important to Call a Professional

When facing emergency garage door situations, you will tend to breakdown trying to do your part in order to repair the problem immediately. As you breathe deeply, you will realize that doing things on your own will not be of help at all. Emergencies need to be attended by experts, and in this case, a team of experts will gladly take on the job, and erase all your worries. They are more than capable to spot and resolve the issue, at a cost that will definitely be lower than when you try doing things on your own.

The Benefits Of Installing Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are normally placed overhead according to where they are in your garage. You must have settled for that idea already as you are looking to install a new one in your home. Jackshaft openers or side-mounted openers, also known as wall mounted garage openers, now make the trend. As the name implies, these ones are placed or mounted to the wall, in contrast to the overhead version that you have heard of. They offer a lot of benefits too, and this will help if you make the decision in case you plan of installing one.

It Frees Up a Good Amount of Space

This is quite obvious knowing that it is mounted to the wall instead of overhead. This means you do not have to fret about clearance. That will mean lesser vertical space, and will definitely be better if you have a large vehicle that goes on the parking lot. That also translates to the fact that there is no need to worry about lubricant dripping from your vehicle. There are no rails needed for you to hang the opener.

It Malfunctions Less When Compared to Overhead Garage Door Openers

This is brought about by the fact that there is no belt or chain coming with the installation. This also means that you do not have to worry about that part or even be frantic about the need to maintain it. Ease of maintenance will definitely make you say yes to this garage door opener version. There is no need to lubricate the opener every now and then. That also translates to a quieter experience when operating the system.

It Has Added Security Features

Wall mounted garage door openers come with greater security because there are remote control codes added by their manufacturer to them. There are those that can easily be operated with just an app connected to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Safety reversal systems, like those found in overhead versions, are also present in these openers.

When comparing it to security offered by overhead garage door openers, you will notice that the latter has that red emergency release cord. This is pulled so that it can detach the door from the opener and help homeowners manually lift the door in case of emergencies. That said, however, burglars can do the same thing too – grab the cord and easily enter into the home.

What Else Must You Consider when Choosing Wall Mounted Garage Door Openers?

While we have enumerated the advantages of these garage door openers, you also have to consider some factors that may impact your installation of one. They are best if you have higher garage ceiling heights than your garage doors. It also comes with a torsion spring system. There must also be enough space on the side of your garage doors so that you can install wall-mounted openers. Lastly, you need to put up an outlet, particularly at the garage’s head, near that of the door.

With what you have read, you may now be looking forward to using this type of garage door opener. Do contact the best technicians who can do the installation for you.

How A Manual Garage Door Opener Differs From Automatic

Whether it is your first time to invest in a garage door, or you are looking to install a new one, you always have to consider which type of garage door opener will create more advantages for your needs. Your choices include the automatic garage door, and that of the manual garage door opener. You may be tempted to go the more modern way with the ease and comfort that it promises, but before coming up with your final decision, let us see the differences between these two first.

Why Automatic Garage Doors are Usually Preferred by Homeowners?

The launch of automatic versions changed the way people look at options for garage door openers. They promise convenience since you can operate them with a push of a button. That means you do not have to move out of your car just to make the garage door open. This has been the common concept that dictates the choice for homeowners. Despite this, it still pays to know the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Comfort and Ease

Let us emphasize more on this aspect. With manual garage door openers, you still need to step out of the car every time you have to open the garage door. That means that you can be drenched in rain or even feel extremely cold when it is snowing outside. This is something you will not experience with automatic versions.

Safety and Peace of Mind

With guaranteed safety comes peace of mind. Since manual garage door openers require actual effort on your part so that you can use the garage door to your advantage, you always have to exercise caution whenever you have to close or open the structure. Automatic garage doors have the ability to eliminate that hassle and problem. Since you just need to push a button on the remote system, then you don’t have to freak out about possibilities of the door crashing down on somebody or something in the process.

Technological Advancements

Obviously, automatic garage door openers are gifted with more technologies when compared to their manual counterparts. They are fitted with hybrid features, and may include any or all of the following – alarm systems, smartphone controls, and automatic door closing features.

Guaranteed Security

Garage doors are installed to secure one’s property. Manual garage door openers can do that, but if you want greater security for your structure, you can choose to go the automatic route. This one, after all, can be accessed only when you have a remote control.

Looking back into the specifics made above, you will see that one of the problems that you may encounter with automatic garage door openers happens when you forget the physical remote control of the system. It is good to note though that you can also install apps on your phone that will help you with this purpose. Check if such feature is available with your provider.

The Verdict

Automatic garage door openers are definitely better when compared to their manual counterparts. They offer safety, peace of mind, more technologies, improved security, and of course, comfort for their users. That does not mean that manual garage door openers do not work for your purpose, though. If your budget allows you to make an investment, go for the choice that best suits your needs.