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A Guide To Buying A Garage Door

A Guide To Buying A Garage Door

Whether your current garage door is broken, you recently purchased a new home, or you want to give your old place a new look, buying a new garage door is a big decision. It is an integral part of the house that provides safety and insulation and influences the overall design of your home. Do not underestimate its influence on cub appeal. You want to ensure that they work well in addition to their functionality and aesthetic appearance. Since maintenance and repair costs can add up over time, it is better to invest in quality products for ease and peace of mind. To get the best out of your purchase, follow the guidelines below.

Consider Materials

 Modern garage doors generally come in six different materials:

  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Wood composite
  • Vinyl

The most common materials used are steel, aluminum, and fiberglass for their durability. Wood and composite wood can be costly as it requires a particular wood garage door installation. A cost-efficient alternative is to install steel and finish it with a deep wood grain texture. You can choose from the traditional raised panel or highly raised ranch panels to complete the look you desire. Among all materials, vinyl is the lowest-cost option.

Consider Safety Features

 Many garage doors now include safety features designed to protect children and pets. Reverse sensors have been standard safety features since the 1990s. Today, new safety features include detecting external motion to keep mischief-makers at bay and fingerless designs which prevent accidents where little fingers get stuck in the railing. There is also the option to control the garage door manually in the event of a power outage. Because your family and pets are important to you, it pays to consider appropriate safety features in your search for a new garage door.

Consider Your Budget

 A common issue in home improvement projects is overspending. With the wide range of options available, you might spend more than you intend to.

Depending on your chosen materials, a new garage door could cost between $600 and $3,700. Most manufacturers roll the garage door itself and installation costs into one fee, but be sure to confirm that. Steel, wood, and aluminum garage doors are generally the most affordable, while wood, wood composite, and fiberglass are the most costly.

Consider a Matching Style

 Besides looking good, the garage door contributes to the overall curb appeal of your house. The value of a house could significantly go up with a matching or stylish outlook. Make sure you choose one that complements your home’s color, style, and overall appearance. There will be something that works well with various options, from long recessed panels to grooved panel designs. A sleek garage door will stand out, but an unusual design may stick out like a sore thumb.

Consider Licensed Professionals

 A garage door is a significant purchase, so always work with experienced professionals who are licensed and insured for added peace of mind. Garage door professionals with over 20 years of experience, such as Total Garage Door Solutions, offer quick and reliable services for a long-lasting garage door solution.

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