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5 Safety Tips For Your Residential Garage Door

5 Safety Tips For Your Residential Garage Door

If you own a residential garage door, you need to know about these five crucial safety tips. After all, they are direct point access to your home. If they are not properly secured, not only are you in danger, but your items within your home are also at risk of getting stolen.

Create a New Opening Code

Changing your code periodically is one of the most important garage door safety recommendations to go by. To avoid mistakenly disclosing your code to prospective criminals, it is an excellent idea to set a new opening code for your garage door every now and then. The majority of contemporary garage doors have a keypad that makes it simple to change your opening code.

When You are Not Home for Long, Unplug Your Door Opener Unit

Next, we recommend unplugging your garage door opener device if you will be gone from home for a lengthy amount of time. This can help to prevent door opening which can definitely enhance your safety by leaps and bounds.

If you want to keep your house or garage secure while you’re away on vacation, you should heed this advice. With that said, Pulling the emergency release and pressing the remote garage door opener will allow you to re-connect your garage door to the automatic system when you get home.

Check on the Safety Sensors

It’s critical to frequently verify the functionality of your garage door sensor. These sensors enable the operation of automatic garage doors, and they have the ability to prevent a garage door from closing if something or someone is blocking the sensor.

With that said, take note that your safety sensors have two components. One for the photo-eye, and the other for the line of sight. The photo-eyes in garage door sensors can get dusty over time, which is a typical issue.

To ensure that these lenses function correctly, be sure to clean them frequently. A simple method to remember to complete this work is to add it to your daily routine.

Check Your Garage Door Frequently

Remember to check your garage door frequently since it might become worn out over time to ensure that you are following the proper safety procedures for garage doors. Some warning indications of aging garage doors include increased vibration, slower movements, and being louder than usual.

After all, increased vibration indicates that there might be internal issues with the old motor bearings for example. If you hear a “popping” sound, It can be a warning indicator that the door is about to fall off its track.

Attempt to Open Your Garage Door Manually

It makes sense to understand how to operate your garage door manually. After all, it ensures you know how to open your garage door during times of an emergency, which can ensure your safety.

The automated garage door feature may be momentarily disabled in situations like power shortages and violent storms. And the last thing you want is to be kept locked in by your garage door because you don’t know how to open your garage door manually.

Therefore, you will need to know how to open the door manually without electricity. You can learn from seeking your manual or searching the internet.

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