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5 Best Garage Door Styles For Your Home

5 Best Garage Door Styles For Your Home

When you pass by a home, the first thing you will notice is its garage door. It can occupy a third of the entire front facade, and with aesthetics being considered in choosing one, you will definitely be left in awe seeing the different styles in your neighborhood. Taking this perspective into account when you are looking for garage door styles to suit your home, of course, you also want to impress passersby. It is either you want to replace an old structure out there, or you are building a new one – it does not matter. As long as you consider the following options, you will easily catch the attention of your neighbors.

#1 – Carriage Style

This style is considered popular among different house designs. What is good about it is that it replicates doors that you see in front of those traditional carriage houses. Blending them in contemporary homes brings out its stylishness and versatility. As opposed to traditional versions that usually swing from the center to open, the more modern versions use automatic openers but retain the old yet charming vibe of its older counterparts.

#2 – Contemporary Style

Contemporary style garage doors are considered the most flexible solutions for those with varying house styles. It can be featured anywhere from modern house designs that have high-tech materials in them to those with clean lines on every surface. Along this line, doors with either clear or tinted or frosted tempered glass panels inside aluminum frames are popular choices.

#3 – Slab Doors

Slab doors are actually contemporary style garage doors. These ones are made such that the door easily folds up and becomes a single panel. They are different from those doors with three or four separate horizontal panels, and they do not bend on hinges while the door is raised. This one uses a specialized automatic opener for easier opening and closing of the structure.

#4 – Raised Panel

This is a common style that even became a standard for people looking forward to garage door installation. Traditional options were those that feature floating panels that easily fit inside the so-called rail-and-style frame. The more modern versions, on the other hand, use solid door panels made of fiberglass, and are manufactured by molding the material such that it will look like classic styles. Aside from fiberglass, however, other materials being used for this garage door style are steel, aluminum, and wood.

#5 – Traditional Style

Traditional styling offers a variety of garage door styles to suit the needs of every house design that is associated with the classic. Whether your home is of European inspiration, or more of American influenced, you can see an option from this list. You can have the door customized accordingly, and you can choose colors that will be perfect for your home. Most doors of this style are now given a roll-up mechanism so that hinged panels can easily bend at the seams while they are rolling up on overhead tracks.

Now that you have seen the different options that you have for your garage doors, it is easier to picture which one will suit your home. Hire garage door specialists to do the job for you!

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