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4 Things That Drive The Cost Of Garage Doors Repair

4 Things That Drive The Cost Of Garage Doors Repair

What are the factors that determine the cost of garage door repairs? The cost of garage door repairs varies between each state. However, typical garage door repair services will comprise a manual inspection of the garage door itself, as well as the garage door opener. It will involve adjusting the spring and belt tensions, lubricating the parts of your garage door, and evaluating its limits and force adjustments. Below, we list out some factors that will determine how much repairing your garage door should cost.

Garage Door Style

Some garage door styles will cost more to repair than others. If your garage door is older, it will typically be based on a tilt-up design. This design is usually harder and thus more expensive to repair since spare parts are less easily available. If you have a roll-up garage door, the job of repairing will be cheaper and easier. If you have a custom door made of solid wood, your door will also likely be harder to repair and more expensive to do so.

Materials of Garage Door

The cost of your garage door repairs will also depend on the materials used to construct your door. Steel doors are usually much cheaper to repair than wooden ones, as detailed above. If you have a thicker, more insulated garage door, your repair costs will likely be higher.

Garage Door Openers

Most garage doors today use a garage door opener. These are generally quite cheap and easy to replace. If your garage door’s issues are due to a malfunctioning garage door opener, the problem should be cheaper to rectify since the issue is not with the garage door itself. Your garage door repair service should perform a thorough check of your garage door before determining that the problem is just with the garage door opener, however.

Is Finishing Required?

Certain garage door repair specialists will include painting and finishing of your garage door in their services. This is carried out if the homeowner decides that the color and finish of the garage door do not match up to the rest of the house’s exterior. This will of course add to the cost of your garage door repairs.

Most Common Reasons for Garage Door Repairs

Here are the most common reasons why garage door owners need to call in the professionals:

  • The garage door is jammed and will not open or close. There are multiple reasons why this would happen – the door’s sensors might be obstructed, the door opener is malfunctioning, or an obstruction in the wheel track is causing the jam.
  • An uneven movement of the garage door. Most usually, this is the result of spring issues, a common issue for roll-up doors. If a track issue is involved, more work will be required.
  • Noise when the garage door closes or opens. This can be solved by cleaning the tracks of your door and coating them with a lubricant.

Your garage door is an essential part of your property. If it needs repairing, don’t hesitate, contact us today!

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