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4 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Garage Door Installation

4 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Garage Door Installation

Are you planning for a garage door installation? After all, garage doors (be it traditional raised panels design or long recessed panels) can help to protect you and your home. At the same time, garages are a great space for you to safe keep your car or to use as an additional storage area. With that said, you need to know about these four factors that affect the cost of the installation.

How Many Garage Doors?

As you might have guessed, the price increases as you require more garage doors to be installed. Single garage doors that span the width of a garage entry are typically the type of garage doors that costs the least. (between $600 and $1,500), followed by double garage doors (between $800 and $3,500). The most expensive garage door is a custom one, which can go over $1000.

How Big are the Garage Doors?

Similar to before, the cost to install a new garage door rises when the size of your garage doors is also increased. With that said, while there are certain differences, garage door dimensions are mostly standardized. The large price range is due to the various prices of the materials.

What Type of Garage Door?

The manner in which your garage doors close and open is a common technique to classify garage doors. The material of the door and any additional hardware that is required to be installed both have a significant impact on the ultimate cost for a particular style of garage door.

The prices for a few popular garage door kinds, along with a summarised explanation of each style, may be found below.

  • Sectional

Rolling up along the garage ceiling, a sectional is made up of horizontal, hinged parts. They start at about $700 and are the most common kind of garage door.

  • Roll-Up

These garage doors roll up like a window blind but they don’t go all the way to the ceiling. They normally cost $650 or less, but because of the intense labor requirements, they can also fetch a much higher price.

  • Single Panel

When opened, this type of garage door, which is made of a single piece, glides up over the automobile. These don’t flex or curve as a sectional door does. The least expensive doors to install cost roughly $400 for single panel doors.

  • Swing-out or Sliding

A sliding door glides open to rest against the garage walls when opened, but a swing-out door normally consists of two components that open like ordinary doors. These doors are pricey and rare. Prices should normally start at approximately $1,000.

What is the Design of the Garage Doors?

Another factor that can affect the cost of garage door installation? It is the design. Standard paneled doors start out cheaper than carriage or French doors, but the prices may become more comparable when you start to add more details and designs.

For instance, this can take the form of customized and added elaborate hardware, door frames, patterns, and windows just to name a few. In fact, a fully personalized door can even cost you $1,000 or so much more.

With that said, smaller modifications are far less expensive. For instance, if you were to customize the garage door to have door knobs, you may acquire it for an additional $50.

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