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4 Benefits Of Having A Garage Door Opener

4 Benefits Of Having A Garage Door Opener

With the need to speed up every aspect of our lives, a garage door opener is a godsend. It is a valuable home feature that every modern garage should have; they help you drive in and out of the garage with ease. Electric garage door openers eliminate the need to hoist and lower your garage doors each time you arrive home. There are various garage door openers with multiple benefits to suit all homeowners. More than just ease of opening and closing the garage door, a garage door opener benefits you in these other ways.

Increased Security for Garage and Home

 A good garage door can secure your home in a variety of ways. It can come with the rolling code technology that changes the code to prevent burglars from hacking it. Some garage door openers, like the  LiftMaster Premium Series 8365-267, allow you to set a temporary code for friends, relatives, or delivery drivers. This means your delivery packages will be safe from your neighborhood porch pirate. Suppose you are going away for a while. In that case, the vacation mode on some openers prevents the garage door from opening for a predetermined period, ensuring that no one can open your garage door during that time. Some models even have a mode that automatically closes the garage door after you leave, which is helpful for forgetful drivers. You won’t have to worry about your home and valuables being compromised because you forgot to press the “close” button.

Increased Safety in Use

 Garage doors are weighty, weighing well over a hundred pounds; they could seriously damage your vehicle or injure a loved one if it falls. One of the most critical safety features in the modern garage door opener is the photo eye sensors installed at the bottom of the door. They project a beam that automatically stops the garage door from closing when it senses an obstacle. It will set the garage door in a reverse direction to prevent injuring anyone. The feature is best suited for a home with small children or pets.

The motion detector lights of the LiftMaster Premium Series 8630 provide additional security by lighting up when a person or vehicle passes in front of your doorway. Besides improving visibility, it also deters intruders attempting to enter your home through the garage. After all, one of the most effective ways to deter robbers is to use lighting.

Increased Convenience

 Innovative home technology now helps us with more activities than we could ever imagine. Having a wi-fi-enabled garage door opener like LiftMaster Premium Series 8557W allows you to connect your phone to your garage door opener so you can operate it and turn on the lights from anywhere.

Gone are the days of noisy garage doors rattling throughout the house. When you use LiftMaster Premium Series 8355 with a quiet motor, you can drive in and out without disturbing or waking up your family.

Increased Efficiency in Energy Use

 Garage door openers use a small amount of energy, so they will not increase your energy usage significantly. The latest models, such as the LiftMaster Premium Series 8165, use less energy when it saves 75% of power in standby mode. Although the initial cost of garage door openers is high, you will save money in the long run by having efficient energy bills.

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