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3 Signs To Look For When Testing Garage Door Sensors

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When garage door sensors become faulty, they can hinder the automatic opening and closing function of the garage doors and cause much frustration for the homeowner. This is why it’s important to test your garage door sensors to determine if it is the true cause of the issue, before attempting to fix it yourself or contacting a professional repair service. Here are some signs to look out for when testing your garage door sensors.

Prepare the Space for Testing

Before we go into the telltale signs of a faulty sensor, you should examine its functionality carefully. You can do so using an everyday object like an empty tissue box and situate it right below the sensors. Then, attempt to close the garage door. If the door retracts upon detecting the object, it is functioning properly. However, if the door continues to close onto the box, it might be faulty, and you might have to look for more signs that can tell you what the issue is with the sensors.

Sign 1:  Wires are Damaged

The garage door system is connected using wires, which can become damaged from wear and tear overtime. Prominent causes include precipitation like rain or snow, as well as pests like rats which can cause wires to tear from bite marks. Hence, this is why you should inspect the wires connected to your sensors from time to time, and look for signs of water damage, bite marks, or exposed cables. The wires may then need to be replaced. After doing so, do the same box test to check if the garage doors can close and open appropriately again.

Sign 2: Unclean or Unclear Lenses

Garage door sensors detect obstruction using a lens, so it could be possible that the lenses are just dirty, affecting their ability to detect objects in the way. Hence, you should inspect the lens for dust, dirt marks, or even cobwebs, and use a cleaning cloth to remove them. If you use your garage for other purposes like woodworking, then regularly cleaning the garage door sensors is a must to ensure that it’s always in tip-top condition!

Sign 3: Inaccurate Light Signals

Most garage doors have an exterior LED light indicating if the garage doors are in alignment or not. It may blink when the door is closing.  A green light indicates that the sensors are functioning properly, while red lights tell you that the sensors are out of alignment. If the light flashes red, take a closer look at the bracket or try tightening the screw on the sensor as it may have gone loose. The lights are fixed when the garage door closes properly again, and the blinking light disappears.

If after troubleshooting, these signs are not detected and your garage door is faulty, you might have to get the garage door replaced as the issue may be with a component other than the sensor or the garage door itself. In any case, make sure you engage professional garage door services to get the best solution for you!

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